An OSC dictionary that implements the Audio Definition Model (ADM)

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An industry initiative for standardization of Object-Based Audio (OBA) positioning data in live production ecosystems by implementing the Audio Definition Model (ADM) over Open Sound Control (OSC).

Current specification

0.5 draft specification

Project Originators

L-Acoustics, FLUX::SE, Radio-France

Project Contributors

Adamson, BBC, d&b Audiotechnik, DiGiCo, Dolby, Lawo, Magix, Merging Technologies, Meyer Sound, Steinberg

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Immersive audio is gaining ground in different industries, from music streaming to gaming, from live sound to broadcast. ADM or Audio Definition Model, is becoming a popular standard metadata model in some of these industries, with serialADM used in broadcast or ADM bwf or xml files used in the studio.

Motivation & goals

Why OSC ?

General principles

Development & test tools

Current status

The current dictionary covers most Object properties from the Audio Definition model. A more complete dictionary is being discussed to cover the remaining parts of the Audio Definition model. OSC Live test tool (talker and listener OSC Live test tool) is now available.

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